The Danish Also Rises

My humblest apologies for the lengthy stretch of silence. I’d like to liken this to the break that Hamlet takes from the stage in Act 4, except (a) I didn’t get kidnapped by pirates, and (b) if Hamlet is my narrative arc, then I’m only in Act 1, if that. Can you take breaks from your own Prologue?

This hiatus involved taking my play, First Time Last Time, to Toronto — a big deal for us backwoods Cape Bretoners, and a lot of work as it turned out. We had a great time, but whereas I had hoped to have more spare time to post Hamlety thoughts, it was not in the cards. WJC and I had planned to have a couple of monologue clinics (since he was acting in First Time Last Time, and therefore onhand all the time), but even that didn’t materialize.

But what’s Prologue is Past. I’m back home now, and apart from a couple of tiny writing projects on the side, I don’t have any artistic impediments between myself and the Big Ham. I might even have a stage manager lined up (fingers crossed!).

Some monologue rehearsals are slated for this weekend. I’m booking some time to work with Isadora, the Mac program that will, hopefully, handle all of our audio-visual needs (including creepy ghost stuff). And I have no excuse not to dive back into blogging daily. I’ve had one request (hi, Laura!) to resume the line-by-line analysis, which sounds like an excellent plan for the summer. Once September rolls around, as it will all too soon, I won’t have much time for theoretical analysis — it will be nose-to-the-grindstone all the way to January.

The time is out of joint; O frabjous day,
That I get to direct this mammoth play!


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