Of changing bodies, souls, and goals, I write.

Inspired partly by Ovid’s Metamorphoses, but mostly by my 2016/17 radical sabbatical in Lille, France, I am resurrecting this blog to act as an archive of random, loquacious, nostalgic, introspective notes about writing, parenthood, theatre, role-playing, spirituality, polyamory, coffee, beer, comics, books, and the endless maddening miracle of change.

Expect three to five posts a week, about 1,000 words each. Since comments can be posted here, this blog is a great place to engage directly with the material I’m covering — and, in spite of its obvious navel-gazing quality, I would love to receive feedback, and to help create a series of conversations.

But another way to stay on top of my messymorphosis is to sign up at, and you’ll get the posts delivered straight to your inbox. Finally, the tinyletter links will get uploaded to my Twitter feed, so if you’re into that dark stuff, you can follow me there and…I dunno, retweet? Whatever it is you kids do.

I’m plunging out of the airplane this year, and I don’t know where I’ll land. Writing is my ripcord. Maybe you’ll be among those who help me remember to pack my parachute?


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