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Rereading Blues

Warning: Even by my self-indulgent standards, this one is going to be pretty navel-gazing. Shortly after returning from France, I had the pleasure of unpacking my office, which had been a bedroom for the house-sitters. Before leaving last June, I’d dumped everything into boxes, as one does, and I thought that perhaps I’d be able…


Transforming Ovid: Creation

Ovid’s Metamorphoses begins with a retelling of the Greco-Roman creation myth. Since I’m about to launch my own set of new beginnings (France in four days! Eeeeeep!), I figured it was a wise time to explore his poetic description of the biggest beginning of all. NOTE: In this (and future) missives about Metamorphoses, I’ll be…


Transforming Reading

“If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one book with you…” It’s rare to find your life line up with this kind of wild-fantastical, high-theoretical question. The very nature of the question discourages a practical approach; if you were really stranded on a desert island, wouldn’t you choose either Constructing…