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hamlet_with_skullMaple Danish is a blog about, and repository of, all things Hamlet.

Why Danish? Because I am directing a production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in 2016. This site is a space to collect my observations, questions, and design concepts for H2016. I also hope these posts will start discussions with other Hamlet-philes and bardolators.

Why Maple? Because I am Canadian, and one of my ongoing questions about Shakespeare in general, and Hamlet in particular, is its relevancy to my own chilly, post-colonial corner of the globe.

So, what is the question? For me personally, the question is: How do I solve a problem like Hamlet? For visitors, the question(s) might be, What does Hamlet mean in the twenty-first century? In a post-modern or post-human society? In the Great White North? Take your pick, and dive in! The waters are deep indeed.


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