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Too Little, Too Late: California Edition

In the latest of modern politics’ endless series of unimaginable happenings, Californians are soon to vote on whether to separate their state into three: North California, California, and South California. It’s safe to say that for most people who don’t live in the state — and probably even most who do — this initiative makes…


Humanism’s Ticking Clock

It is a sunny, crisp spring morning as I write this. I recently finished a draft of a difficult play, and I’m preparing for a vacation that will involve three of my favourite things on the planet: role-playing games, great beer, and my oldest, dearest friends. After that, I’ll be heading directly back to the…


Star Wars: The Lost Jediration

WARNING! SPOILERS! I have a lot of thoughts about Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, but not that many feelings. Some fans are convinced that, since their favourite Skywalker didn’t turn out the way they’d always imagined in their headcanons, the world is ending. Having spent the last month researching and writing about climate…