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Hamlet in Ink: Classics Illustrated

This is another one of my earliest encounters with Hamlet, although I’m having trouble figuring out exactly when I would have run into it. Part of the problem is the convoluted history of just about any major comics publishing line, but particularly the history of Classics Illustrated. From the Wikipedia page: Classics Illustrated is a…


Wonderous Strange: Hold a Mirror Up to Garey Busey

I’ve performed in one-man plays. I’ve seen a one-man Hamlet. I’ve… enjoyed?… the film work of character actor Gary Busey. I just never thought these sentences would all make sense appearing in the same paragraph. Today’s “Wonderous Strange” spin on the Big H is the brainchild of David Carl, a New York actor who impersonates…


Wonderous Strange: I Ain’t Afraid of No Girl!

This morning, with the official announcement of the Ghostbusters reboot cast making waves around the internet, I find myself thinking once again about female Hamlets. I mentioned my interest in passing earlier, when I reported that Maxine Peake‘s genderbent portrayal of the Dane was coming to film. Today, I want to go further back. It…