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Attempts to apply Hamlet theory and praxis directly to my own planned production of Hamlet, set to premiere in early 2016.

H2016: Firing on all Cylinders

This week, with the conclusion of the university term, I actually find myself with some time to take stock. And what a lot of stock there is to take! Recently, we hit a number of milestones worth celebrating: first, we reached the halfway mark in the rehearsal process, with two months down and two months…


H2016: Pa Lonius and Family

Last night was a rarity: a rehearsal for which Hamlet wasn’t required. We blocked the entirety of Act 1, Scene 3, which introduces us to the family dynamics in the Polonius household. Before we began, we discussed some trifles, including whether “Polonius” was actually the chamberlain’s first name or his last. I suggested that perhaps…


H2016: Juxtaposing Speeches

Tonight we’ll be blocking the latter part of “Scene 1,” which is our nomenclature for Hamlet’s 1.2. It’s the section after Claudius and the court have exited, and Hamlet soliloquizes (more briefly, in our script), then receives news of the Ghost via Horatio and Marcellus. It’s an exposition-heavy scene, although it’s made a bit more…


H2016: The Grim, Bleak Hypocrite of Denmark

Today was a big, big day in #cbuhamlet history: the first table read. Nearly all of our Danes were in attendance — only a handful who had other commitments couldn’t make the read-through. It was a bit intimidating to see the long line of tables pushed together, and the towering stack of scripts waiting for…