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Attempts to apply Hamlet theory and praxis directly to my own planned production of Hamlet, set to premiere in early 2016.

H2016: Silence

We had our last three shows this weekend — Friday and Saturday nights, and a well-attended Sunday matinee. Yesterday (Monday) was strike day, although I got to weasel out of the heavy lifting because I had to teach classes. So much real-world stuff to get back to… Now another series of snowstorms are rippling across…


H2016: Favourite Moments 2

After yesterday’s school matinee (the only one we had, and with a disappointingly small contingent of high school students), we’re officially halfway through our run. Here are some more lovely moments in a play chock full of Hamlet-y goodness: Urgent Soliloquies: Even by Shakespearean standards, Hamlet has a lot of soliloquies. So it was a…


H2016: Favourite Moments

Thursday night’s premiere of Hamlet went very well, give or take a tech glitch or two. Friday night’s sophomore show was cancelled because of a big blizzard. So that brings us to tonight: Show Two, which was supposed to have been Show Three. I’m optimistic; I know lots of great folks who are planning to…


H2016: The Night Before Elsinore

Tonight the cast and crew catch their collective breath; tomorrow we plunge into the deep, stormy waters of Hamlet for realsies. Well, last night’s run-through was an “invited dress,” which means half a dozen of our most supportive friends and family members were there to clap in spite of the manifold technical glitches. But tomorrow,…


Letter From a Director to His (Soon-To-Be) Hamlet

Wesley, Good work today. I get that you’re scared. It’s totally understandable that our time constraints have fallen most heavily upon your shoulders. Sheila and I will do everything we can to ensure that you encounter your first audience feeling practiced and prepared — especially whenever safety is a concern. But that may mean devoting…


H2016: The Push

Even if I weren’t already a sporadic blogger, this is the point where things would get dicey. Less than two weeks till opening night, and lots of production elements are coming together quickly, sometimes interlocking comfortably, and sometimes crashing together like drunken waterfowl. The costumes are nearing completion, although I’ve decided that Sunday’s dress rehearsal…