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Solar Flares: Keep Talking

Springtime means Spring Cleaning, and in a desperate effort to procrastinate the literal cleaning of my home, I have embarked on a sort of spiritual and mental cleanup. Among other things, that means a change to how I use social media and online communication, including Maple Danish, my mostly-mothballed blog, and Messymorphosis, my all-but-extinct newsletter.…


Green Things to Love

In early March, my climate campaigning efforts dovetailed with my theatrical work (something I should be unconditionally happy about, but then I wouldn’t be me, would I?). Specifically, I directed two short plays by Nicolas Billon, a Quebecois playwright whose anthology Fault Lines won a Governor General’s Award in 2015. Both scripts dealt with environmental…


Imagining a Better Now

Take a moment to imagine that you are living in the time of your great-grandparents. Imagine yourself surrounded by horse-drawn carriages, oil lamps, and steam engines. You know that exciting changes are on the horizon—maybe you’ve already glimpsed a few, like the electric light bulb or the automobile—but it’s impossible to guess how the next…