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Imagining a Better Now

Take a moment to imagine that you are living in the time of your great-grandparents. Imagine yourself surrounded by horse-drawn carriages, oil lamps, and steam engines. You know that exciting changes are on the horizon—maybe you’ve already glimpsed a few, like the electric light bulb or the automobile—but it’s impossible to guess how the next…


How Queers Can Save the World

It’s Pride Week in Cape Breton. I live in a small city with an aging population and an island mentality which tends to keep residents thinking and behaving like they are about fifteen years in the past. And yet [does some quick math] that puts Cape Breton in 2003, which [does some quick history research]…


Too Little, Too Late: California Edition

In the latest of modern politics’ endless series of unimaginable happenings, Californians are soon to vote on whether to separate their state into three: North California, California, and South California. It’s safe to say that for most people who don’t live in the state — and probably even most who do — this initiative makes…