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Scott_01Nov13Scott Sharplin is a Canadian playwright, director, actor, dramaturge, and theatre educator. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, he now lives in Sydney, Nova Scotia, where he teaches Drama at Cape Breton University.

Scott has been obsessed with Shakespeare since Grade 8, when his Language Arts teacher inexplicably assigned his Academic Challenge class The Two Gentlemen of Verona. He first read Hamlet in Grade 10, and he directed his first Shakespeare play (The Merchant of Venice) just after graduating high school. In the two decades since, he has directed more than 15 full productions, abridgements, or adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays and poems.

Scott’s academic work on Shakespeare culminated in 2005, when he wrote his M.A. thesis on King Lear. Although he enjoys theoretical interpretations, he is more at home in a rehearsal hall than a lecture hall.

For more info about this blog’s author, visit www.scottsharplin.com.


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